Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Apple 3G iPhone

Apple iPhone 3G is cooming soon... its estimated price is 100 pound which also equivalent to US199... ermmm mun brunei dollar BND272... sounds great ryt? dis phone will start selling on 11th July 08... bukn bruneii


have u heard about OMNI? my dad had upgraded our internet connection at home and the worker in telbru asked him to use the OMNI promotion where the zoom broadband is given as free... ermm siuk pulang mendangar tuu yg zoom broadband a2 free kna bagi... skalinya mmbayar jua maseh tani kn da machine... i thought damit zoom broadband ani... rupanya basar.. n bnyk lagi wire tu...(dua pulng ganya tuu)... berbeza dgn the dst go broadband... i hope this thing can work outside brunei..